Goldstitch Men Hooded Robe Cloak Knight Cosplay Costume

Image: Goldstitch Men Hooded Robe Cloak Knight Cosplay Costume

Description: Size: XX-Large, 3X-Large, Large, Medium, Small, X-Large, X-Small. Color: Black, Brown, Burgundy, Gray, Blue, Green, White. The GOLDSTITCH Men Hooded Robe Cloak Knight Fancy Cool Cosplay Costume is a unique and stylish costume perfect for cosplay events and parties. The costume is made of a uniform cloth fabric that is neither too thin nor too thick. It comes in various sizes, including adult and kids sizes. The adult size measurements range from XS to XXL, accommodating a variety of body types. The cloak is black in color and features a drawstring closure. To wear the tunic, there are several pieces that you would layer on. Pants are separate and shirt/robe is then crossed over chest/stomach and belted at the waist with the largest sash included. Then there are two other sashes that you drape over one shoulder, criss-cross and tuck into belt then drape over other shoulder and tuck into belt.

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