Levoit Classic 36-inch Tower Fan with Remote Control

Image: Levoit Classic 36-inch Tower Fan with Remote Control

Description: Size: 6.5 x 6.5 x 36.2 inches. 90° oscillation. Maximum Fan speed: 25 feet per second. 28dB low noise. 12 hour timer. The Levoit Classic 36-Inch Tower Fan is designed to merge convenience and comfort throughout the seasons. With the included remote control and specialty modes, you can adjust settings and cool down the temperature without getting up. It has a powerful motor and 90-degree oscillation to fill the room with cooling winds and breezes. The multi-angle air inlets allow for a wide angle air supply and strong output, and the long narrow air ducts speed up the air flow. It is equipped with ambient temperature sensing. Using a built-in sensor, the Classic 36-inch Tower Fan from Levoit tracks the room temperature in your home and responds accordingly by changing the fan speed. It has 4 fan modes with 5 speeds: Auto Mode (hassle-free control), Turbo Mode (rapid cooling), Advanced Sleep Mode (nighttime rest), and Normal Fan Mode (manual control). This fan is durable and washable by removing the washable back cover and wipe down the inside. To use it, simply plug it in, turn it on using the control panel or remote control, and select your desired settings. You can also set a timer for 1–12 hours.

Price: $69.99 USD

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