Mediheal Essential Facial Sheet Mask Combo 12-pack

Image: Mediheal Essential Facial Sheet Mask Combo 12-pack

Description: 12 packs (2x Collagen, 2x Tea Tree, 2x Watermide, 2x Madecassoside, 2x Vita, 2x Placenta). Mediheal is a top-selling sheet mask brand that offers a diverse range of custom fitted mask treatments for every skin type and concern. Collagen Essential mask offers 3 times more Collagen to intensely tighten and firm the skin to create healthy looking skin, visibly plumps and restore skin elasticity. Teatree Essential mask offers 22 times increased Tea Tree Extract to help restore skin balance and provide soothing care. Watermide Essential mask locks in moisture and retains abundant moisture to deliver and Niacinamide refines skin texture and brighten up the skin. Madecassoside Essential mask treats blemish, breakouts, offers intensely clearing up blemishes and soothing troubled skin, it's clinically proven to improve cell turnover and pigmentation. Vita Essential mask offers intensely brightening and toning up effect for more lively skin. It contains mild multi-vitamin to improve complexion and achieve refreshing finish. Placenta Essential mask intensely nourishes and hydrates skin, and leaves skin velvety soft and smooth. To use a Mediheal Essential Facial Sheet Mask, first cleanse your face and apply toner. Then, remove the mask from its packaging and carefully unfold it. Place the mask onto your face, smoothing out any wrinkles or air pockets. Leave the mask on for 10-20 minutes, then remove it and gently pat any remaining essence into your skin.

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