Happy Nuts Comfort Cream Deodorant for Men

Image: Happy Nuts Comfort Cream Deodorant for Men

Description: 100 mL/tube. Scent: original. Happy Nuts Comfort Cream Deodorant is a product for men that provides extra strength protection against odor and sweat to keep you feeling fresh and confident all day. It's made with aluminum-free ingredients to help keep your private parts dry and odor-free. The cream applies as a lotion, and dries as a powder to absorb your sweat and create an anti-friction layer. It is formulated with aloe to soothe the area and provide healing effects to any chafing, itching, or irritation. This deodorant contains no talc, aluminum, parabens, silicone, sulfates, alcohol, and gluten. Made in the USA. To use, apply Comfort Cream in the morning to experience all-day long comfort and protection against odors, sweat, and chafing.

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