Bio Bidet Discovery DLS Elongated Auto-Open Warm Water Bidet

Image: Bio Bidet Discovery DLS Elongated Auto-Open Warm Water Bidet

Description: Size: 20.79 x 16.38 inches. Type: auto open/close bidet. Shape: oval. Color: white. Material: stainless steel. The Bio Bidet Discovery DLS is an elongated white bidet toilet seat that offers a range of features to improve hygiene and comfort. It has an auto open/close function, a warm air dryer, and a wireless remote control for easy operation. The bidet also offers both posterior and feminine wash options, and is equipped with an energy efficient tankless water heating system. The spray pressure is solid, above average - more than adequate for effective cleansing. The Bio Bidet Discovery DLS also has a night light and UV sterilization technology. Sensors on the seat can detect when you approach the toilet, and the lid will automatically open for you. Water temperature, water pressure, and spray position are all adjustable through its remote control. To use the Bio Bidet Discovery DLS, simply follow the instructions provided for easy installation. Once installed, you can use the wireless remote control to adjust the water temperature, pressure, and nozzle position to your liking. You can also activate the self-cleaning feature to ensure the bidet stays clean and hygienic. The eco-friendly power save mode can be activated to reduce electricity usage.

Price: $629.00 USD

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