Kruta BT162342/BT262342 2.4V 800mAh Ni-MH Battery Pack for Cordless Phone 4-Pack

Image: Kruta BT162342/BT262342 2.4V 800mAh Ni-MH Battery Pack for Cordless Phone 4-Pack

Description: Voltage: 2.4V. Capacity: 800mAh. Size: AAA. Type: Ni-MH rechargeable battery. Compatible Replacement for Batteries: BT183342, BT283342, BT166342, BT266342, BT162342, BT262342, 2SN-AAA40H-S-X2. Compatible with Vtech Telephone Models: CS6114, CS61241, CS6199, CS6309, CS6319, CS6328, CS6329, CS6400, CS6409, CS6419, CS6429, CS6449, CS6509, CS6519, CS6529, CS6609, CS6619, CS6629, CS6649, CS6709, CS6719, CS6729, CS6829, CS6859, CS80100, CS81100, DS6151, DS6501, DS6511, DS6520, DS6521, DS6522, DS6601, DS6611, DS6621, DS6641, DS6642, IS7101, IS7121, LS6325, LS6375, IS6100, SN6107, SN1196, SN1197, SN6196, SN6197. Compatible with AT&T Telephone Models: CL80100, CL81100, CL81200, CL81300, CL82100, CL82200, CL82250, CL82300, CL82350, CL82400, CL82450, CL82500, CL82550, CL82600, CL84100, CL84200, CL84250, CL84300, CL84100, CL84200, CL84250, CL84300, CRL32102, CRL32202, CRL32302, CRL32352, CRL32452, EL52100, EL51100, EL51200, EL51250, EL52100, EL5220, EL52200, EL52210, EL52250, EL52251, EL52300, EL52350, EL52400, EL52450, EL52500, EL52510, TL30100, TL32100, TL32200, TL32300, TL90070, TL91270, TL91370, TL92220, TL92270, TL92320, TL92370, TL92420, TL92470, TL90071, TL92271, TL92371, TL92471, TL96271, TL96371, TL96471. Compatible with Dantona: BATT-E30025CL, BATTE30025CL. Compatible with American Telecom: E30021CL, E30022CL, E30023CL, E30025CL, LH070-2A43C2BRML1P. Compatible with Empire: CPH-515J, CPH515J. Compatible with Energizer: ER-P254, ERP254. Compatible with GE: 30522EE1, 30522EE2, 30522EE3, 30522EE4, 30524EE2, 31591. Compatible with Interstate Batteries: ATEL0068, TEL0068.

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