Nuwave Brio 15.5-quart Air Fryer Rotisserie Oven

Image: Nuwave Brio 15.5-quart Air Fryer Rotisserie Oven

Description: Model No.: 38020. Size: 13 x 14.25 x 16.25 inches. Capacity: 15.5 quarts. Temperature Range: 50°F–425°F. Wattage: 1800 watts. The Nuwave Brio 15.5-quart Air Fryer Rotisserie Oven is a versatile kitchen appliance that can air fry, bake, roast, grill, dehydrate, and rotisserie. It comes with 100 pre-programmed settings for effortless cooking. The unique multi-level rack design maximizes the amount of food that can be cooked at once. The oven includes an integrated digital temperature probe that measures the internal temperature of your food as it cooks. The probe can shut off the Nuwave Brio digital air fryer once your food reaches the set temperature, ensuring you'll never under or overcook your food. Unlike the primitive methods that regulate temperature by turning the heater on and off, this air fryer never turns heater off while cooking. Self-basting rotation browns the whole chicken sealing in the flavors while unwanted fats drip away. To use the Nuwave Brio 15.5-quart Air Fryer Rotisserie Oven, you simply preheat the air fryer and set your desired cooking temperature. Then, choose the cooking function you'd like to use. Once the temperature has been preset, add your food to the Nuwave 15.5 qt Brio air fryer, and set a timer. When it's done, you will achieve perfectly crispy results. This Brio air fryer comes with SS Mesh Rack & SS Mesh Tray, Non-Stick Drip Tray, SS Rotisserie Basket & SS Skewer Kit, and Reversible Non-Stick Grill Griddle Plate, Digital Smart Thermometer, Quick & Easy Cooking Guide, and Owner's Manual.

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