Chuster Enriched Fettucine Short Egg Noodles 3-Pack

Image: Chuster Enriched Fettucine Short Egg Noodles 3-Pack

Description: 3 packs, 11 oz/pack. HOMESTYLE EGG NOODLES: Chuster’s delicious medium wide egg noodles bring a taste of home to every dish. With their velvety smooth texture, deep yellow coloring, and buttery, savory bliss, our Italian-style pasta is sure to please every palate. LOW FAT, VITAMIN PACKED & SUPER SATISFYING: our Asian egg noodles are not only trans fat free and low in sodium; they’re also packed with B vitamins, riboflavin, folate, and niacin. Add to soup, ramen, casseroles, stroganoff, stir fry, lo mein, chow mein, goulash, and more. AL DENTE PERFECTION IN 10 MINUTES OR LESS: Farm fresh eggs, semolina flour, and other quality ingredients are hand-kneaded into the classic corkscrew, then portioned and packed for freshness. Toss in salted boiling water, and dinner’s on the table in no time. BUY IN BULK, STOCK YOUR PANTRY, FEED A VILLAGE: Never run out of your kids’ favorite weeknight staple. Available in bulk pack of 3, our medium egg noodles are not only sized for large families. They’re also certified 100% Kosher, so everyone can indulge.

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